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Our directory is organized in categories and sub-categories that are chosen and defined by our staff: every web-site has been inserted in a single category, that, to judgment of the editors who have visited the pages, best characterizes it.

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From this page you will find only pages and sites in english which are a subset of the bandiera italiana complete italian-speaking archive

In PortoDeiPiceni you can search local web sites within these categories:

Wellness and sport

clubs and teams, athletes, fan clubs, sport events, gymnasium and fitness centers, clothing and equipment

Hospitality and entertainment

accomodations, hotels, campings, bed and breakfast, restaurants, bar, cinemas and theatres


Manufacturing companies, industrial and handicraft production

Institutions and public agencies

Municipalities, Provinces, Regions, Other Public Authorities

arts, culture and spare time

music, painting, politics, religion, disabilities, volunteering, social life

Personal pages

web-sites of men, women, families, small communities, famous local people, animals

Information and communication

newspapers, magazines, radio, televisions, forums, other web sites and portals, unofficial city guides

Schools and education

public and private schools, universities, professional education, references, students

Services and professionals

banking, finance, legal, commercial, graphics, logistics, internet, maintenance and assistance


retail trade, consumer and electronic markets, industrial supply, e-commerce

Agricolture, breeding, fishery

handicraft and typical products

Healthcare and welfare

Pharmacies, caring for people and animals

You can search by keywords, within english pages of local websites

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